Piposz Tanya - Erdély, Bükkloka

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Transilvania with many natural beauties, wonderful environment of Carpathian mountains offers a wide range of attractions for tourists who love to come here. The Piposz Estate is located on a 100 acre field embracing all the natural treasures of Transilvania: hills, mountains, meadows, pastures, pinewoods, streams, springs - all these offerring a great stay with unforgettable experiences for all our guests.


Fagetel is the easternmost point of Transilvania. Leaving the serpentines after Frumoasa (village near Miercurea Ciuc), deflating towards Lunca de Sus we have the chance to admire the breath-taking scenery, amazing like a fairytale. Right before ending the deflation taking our journey to right (to sunrise) we arrive to Fagetel. From here only 4 km to go to reach the Piposz Estate: the pension and the small houses surrounded by the intense green of the deep pinewoods and the blue sky. The silence, the fresh air and the virgin nature offer the perfect relaxation for those who want to escape by the stresfull city life. Ghimes Valley presents unique and great experiences in all 4 seasons, without being disrupted by any external factor of the modern world.

Climbing the high hills, crossing the deep pine-woods we find cristal-clear watersprings everywhere, stoping at rich pastures stretching in the summer sun. At winter we can discover the high mountains and pinnacles covered by the white, sparkling blanket of

At winter, right here, visitors can try iceskating or playin hockey, for all of these activities we supply the necessary equipment: skates, sticks, ports. For extreme sports lover we offer the sensation of riding snowmobiles: on the practicing piste visitors can have lots of fun, or can prepare

snow, the unmoving forrests - all these offering unforgettable feelings for the visitor. Never ending adventures in the wildness of the nature irrespectively of season: relaxing in the quiet of the estate, walking, having trips in the woods, possibility of rowing on our small lake.
for a longer trip to the mountains. The estate also contains a traditional sheep-cote where visitors can experience the work of the local folks with domestic animals.
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