Piposz Tanya - Erdély, Bükkloka

language: HU / RO / EN


Our food and drink offers, based on the local, traditional kitchen of Ghimes Valley, and our qualified and polite staff guarantee the irreproachable gastronomic experience. We are not serving a'la carte but our guests can choose from wide range of menius: traditional, local dishes made of lamb and pork. The famous, regional drink "pálinka" is indespensable: the strong brandy made of plum is the spirit of every meal.


Our guests can choose full or partial service, or they just can have for examle a breakfast.


Full service - 18euro

Breakfast - 5 euro

Lunch - 8 euro

Dinner - 5 euro

Summer is the time to enjoy the campfire, cooking bacon and cabanos. For the necessary facilities please ask our staff, we are glad to help you.

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