Piposz Tanya - Erdély, Bükkloka

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Surrounded by meadows, woods, traditional sheep-cote, streams, springs and a crawl, are located the pension and the small wooden houses ready for welcome all the visitors, representing confort in the middle of the wilderness.

Ghimes Valley left in it's natural condition is the perfect place for relax far from the cities and everyday worries.


Accommodation in the pension

The pension with it's 7 rooms and totally 35 spaces have the high confort the visitors needs for a perfect rest: couples, families, groups are welcomed as well.

Accommodation in the huts

Each 10 of the small houses offers intimacy for visitors who want to spend the night close to the nature. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are available in the building of the pension.

Our rooms:

- 3 rooms with 2 double beds

- 1 room with 3 double beds

- 2 rooms with 1 double bed + 1 spare bed

- 1 room with 1 double bed + 3 spare beds

- mansard with 3 double beds

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